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Open A Network of Possibilities

Competitive Pay

Build Experience

Flexible Schedule

Build Experience, Skills and Network

Working in diverse facilities and experiencing new environments will provide the opportunity to gain experience in varied fields and strengthen a resume. Employees are able to decide where they want to work and can determine what roles fits them best for future endeavors. The ability to work for these various facilities provides the chance to foster new skills and gain experience in several specialities. This ability to be exposed to the different opportunities in the field can be an excellent strategy in determining one’s preferred area of healthcare and to build one’s network to employ for future career choices.

A Door to Permanent Work

With BlueCare, you will be provided the ability to test out multiple roles and work with various facilities to determine what role is of most interest for a future career. Employees are able to choose their places of work, where they can test out new environments to determine the best fit. The requirement of completely changing a career course that comes with a full time position is no longer an added stressor with the ability to try different healthcare positions before choosing a location for a long term stay if desired.

Personalized Results

There are many great career opportunities in healthcare, but it can take much time and effort to find the right fit. Employees’ skills, along with their personal interests, help us find and provide the best work assignments. This is all with the goal in mind of having our employees thrive in the environments where they pick up shifts. Being able to choose opportunities based on one’s personal goals and interests allows for quicker advancement in the career path they choose.


We understand the value of independence and having the flexibility to create a tailored work schedule. The opportunity to build a custom schedule is not always possible in the healthcare field, but it is with BlueCare. Employees decide when to work, what shifts to take and when to take time off, all centered around their personal needs. Time can be managed effectively, life can be planned and one can create the ideal work life balance without the pressures of a fixed work schedule.

Exclusive Job Opportunities

Looking for job options can be a tiring and lengthy process. The search, the applications, the interviewing – all take time and energy. Employees with BlueCare are able to have job opportunities brought to them and have the ability to choose what works for them. We locate opportunities that will be the best fits for our employees, allowing them more time to focus on their career goals. This enables employees to have access to job opportunities that they otherwise may have not heard of, which can be a great stepping stone in their career.


Choosing to work with various facilities provides the chance to learn different specialities. This can include work with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, assisted living, pediatric care and more. By gaining new skills in these environments can be a great strategy in gaining work experience and determining the most fitting line of work. This can also create the crucial benefit of avoiding feeling burnt out. New opportunities offer exciting challenges and the ability for advancement and growth.