Direct Hire & Recruitment Services

Direct hire is used when a company would like to fill a long term role. This type of recruitment allows for a company to find an ideal candidate for a permanent position making them an official employee of the company.

Why Direct Hire?

Direct Hire is a great option for companies that are looking to fill a permanent role and want assistance recruiting the right candidates. By allowing the agency to find the right medical professionals, companies are able to save their time and resources.
When using a staffing agency, they are committed to the process of recruiting the right candidates, screening and providing the proper candidates for the role. The staffing agency has access to a large network of medical professionals allowing them to properly identify the right individuals for any specific role. Employers are able to focus their energies on their business until the final steps of the interview process and then can onboard their new employees.

Who is Direct Hire For?

When a company is looking to fill a certain role and has specific criteria for the position, the staffing agency can assist is really finding the correct talent and candidates that are fit for the position. Direct hire can be the best option for companies that:

  • Are looking to fill positions that would be best fit for a long term commitment
  • Need to fill unique or niche positions requiring specific skills
  • Need to attract better talent. Long term roles tend to look more appealing for some with the potential for benefits and stability.
  • Are looking to fill positions that have gone unfilled for a longer period of time
  • If they have experienced high turnover rates for a certain position
  • If they have not received too much activity with their own posting and outreach for candidates