Temp Staffing

Temporary staffing provides companies the candidates they need for temporary positions that come up. This is an ideal solution for when there are leaves of absence, call outs or unpredictable increases in workloads. Temporary roles can be short term or long term allowing for flexibility with what the company needs. During the temporary period, candidates are employed by the staffing firm.

Why You Should Use Temp Staffing

The option of temporary employment is a great option for companies that find themselves needing candidates quick or for only a certain amount of time. These positions can be needed for 3 months, 2 weeks or a variety of different timeframes. Using a staffing firm, allows companies to be able to find top quality candidates to fill these roles quickly and without needing to invest time into the recruiting process.

Benefits of Temp Staffing

  • Helps companies save on employee costs
  • Provides companies access to a large network of top quality candidates
  • Saves companies time and money that would go towards the recruiting and hiring processes (marketing, screening, interview, onboarding)
  • Companies will not be responsible for completing payroll, providing benefits and all of processes of employment
  • hiring, firing, on boarding, workers schedule, time accounting, pay, all employment details.
  • staffing agency takes care of insurance, worker’s comp, accounting for employment taxes
  • can be full time, part time, contractual amount of time.

Is Temp Staffing For You?

  • Agency handles all on boarding and hiring processes, meaning the company doesn’t have to. This includes recruiting, interviewing, hiring, firing, drug testing, background checks and more.
  • Companies can find employees to fill last openings
  • Temp to hire options can be a cheaper and more efficient alternative to on boarding processes
  • Agency can provide employees with the skill sets needed to match various roles
  • Can provide option for temporary employment to hiring down the line if that is in line with the company’s goal