For Businesses

  • Are your Nurses Licensed?

    Yes, all of our staff are licensed. We uphold a strict policy for verifying all our applicants for the proper licensing and credentials before adding them to our staff.

  • What shifts can your staff cover?

    We have a well diversified staff that is available for any shift. AM, PM and Nocturnal.

  • What areas do you serve?

    We serve all of southern California.

  • How quick can you fill a shift?

    We fill shifts up to the same day.

For Job Seekers

  • When do I get paid?

    We pay out every week.

  • Do you offer direct deposit?

    Yes, we offer direct deposit. To sign up please fill out the direct deposit form.

  • How much do you pay?

    We pay a competitive rate. Your pay will depend on your experience and the amount of time you’ve been on staff.

  • How many hours will I work?

    The amount of hours you work is based upon your availability and desire to work. You will work with your scheduling manager to determine your needs and wants. If you only want to pick up 1 or 2 shifts a week, that’s fine. If you want 4 – 5 shifts a week, that works too.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes! We offer a $200 employee referral bonus. The referral must sign up with us and work a minimum of 30 days to qualify for the bonus.